( AECOM ) member in  ISNetword & our company member its : (400-224298 ) 


   Our management is accountable for providing the safety process, practices, structure, equipment, supervision and training; so the employees are free from the risk of workplace injury and illness. Our managers and supervisors conduct Unsafe Acts Prevention (UAP) safety observations and all employees conduct Stop & Think risk assessments before commencing any job. We still a strong emphasis on the provision of a safe working environment, by utilizing effective risk management processes including site and project hazard studies and maintain safe work practices.

   We consider achieving the highest standards of Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) performance as a key organizational objective. Improvement in safety procedures is ongoing, as we are continually auditing our sites and completing on-site work observations of our peers’ work practices . We devise and implement through procedures to insure the overall safety of the employees and visitors on our construction sites. Project safety begins during the pre-construction planning phase, with an identification of needs and requirement with providing special safety training to company personal by professional and qualified staff. And will continue to function throughout the entire project undertaking supervising all aspects of projects site safety and compliance. And, we set up visible sign and notices board in the proposed area where work is in progress.

   We remain committed to conducting business in a manner that protects the Health and Safety of all employees, customers and persons living in the community where it operates. To accomplish this, we always ensure that it complies with current Health Administration and Occupational Health & Safety laws and will maintain its operations, procedures, technologies, and policies accordingly. Each employee will have the responsibility to fully comply with established safety rules to perform work in such a manner to prevent injuries to themselves and others.

   We are concerned about job-site so we plan to set up a comprehensive Safety Program.



    Alaq Al-Ezdehar Co. ( AECOM ) committed to pursuing an environment free of incidents and injuries. This requires the development to strive for the highest level of safety and performance.  When such a culture is present people do not live and work safely out of motivation to be non compliance with standards people choose the safe path because of the deep internal cultural value and their commitment to being safe. This behaviour is consistently reinforced with proactive programs communication and awards. 

        Responsibility for HSE performance starts with Alaq Al-Ezdehar Co. ( AECOM ) CEO and following with every successive level.  Alaq Al-Ezdehar Co. ( AECOM ) strives for an incident-free environment with a constant focus on proactive measure and showing the highest level of support for safety excellence.

   Providing safe working conditions and maintaining continuity of employment is of continual concern. In this regard, it is important that adequate policies and procedures be developed and adhered to in order to ensure safe, efficient operating conditions, thereby safeguarding employees and facilities. The Company will not knowingly permit unsafe conditions to exist, nor will it permit employees to indulge in unsafe acts. Violations of Company rules and regulations will result in disciplinary action.The Company believes that the safety of employees and physical property can best be ensured by a meaningful program.

    In our project as same time saying SAEFTY is FIRST we are saying ENVIROMANT is PRIME. We have strict precautions to avoid any pollution to the environment and have and have emergency plans if anything happened.